[New] Just Guess It! v1.0.0 is out!!!

New puzzle game is out!!!

If you are looking to kill time, why don't you play [Just Guess It!].

Visit the App Store to download it now.



[Coming soon] Just Guess It! v1.0.0 has been submitted

Just Guess It! v1.0.0 has been submitted.



[New] Just Deliver It! Lite

Lite version includes 20 levels of "Just Deliver It!".
Why don't you try it now?

[Update] Just Deliver It! V1.1.0

V1.1.0 includes

  • Tutorial was added.
  • New game mode was added. Select a level to play and collect stars as many as possible.
  • Tied tile problem was fixed....

[Update] Just Deliver It! V1.0.1

What's new in v1.0.1


  • Leaderboards crash bug was fixed
  • Auto saving bug was fixed (You can tab the [continue] menu from now on)
  • Manual saving function was added
  • In game popup menu was...


[New] Just Deliver It! v1.0.0 is out!!!

Just Deliver It! v1.0.0 is out in New Zealand, Australia and Japan store.


[Coming soon] Just Deliver It! v1.0.0 has been approved.

Just Deliver It! v1.0.0 has been approved. Looks like it will launch next week.




Air Racing

Category : Action / Racing
Devices : iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad       / Android
Coming Soon



Avoid obstacles and finish the race as fast as you can.

Rules are very simple, but you can't finish the race easily.

Let's take off and challenge the race!!!




  • Intuitive tilt control
  • Various upgradable airplanes. Collect coins to get a high performance airplane.
  • Complete various bonus mission to get coins in each race.
  • Competitions will be started every week. Challenge the race and win prizes.


Game Screen

Demo Videos