[New] Just Guess It! v1.0.0 is out!!!

New puzzle game is out!!!

If you are looking to kill time, why don't you play [Just Guess It!].

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[Coming soon] Just Guess It! v1.0.0 has been submitted

Just Guess It! v1.0.0 has been submitted.



[New] Just Deliver It! Lite

Lite version includes 20 levels of "Just Deliver It!".
Why don't you try it now?

[Update] Just Deliver It! V1.1.0

V1.1.0 includes

  • Tutorial was added.
  • New game mode was added. Select a level to play and collect stars as many as possible.
  • Tied tile problem was fixed....

[Update] Just Deliver It! V1.0.1

What's new in v1.0.1


  • Leaderboards crash bug was fixed
  • Auto saving bug was fixed (You can tab the [continue] menu from now on)
  • Manual saving function was added
  • In game popup menu was...


[New] Just Deliver It! v1.0.0 is out!!!

Just Deliver It! v1.0.0 is out in New Zealand, Australia and Japan store.


[Coming soon] Just Deliver It! v1.0.0 has been approved.

Just Deliver It! v1.0.0 has been approved. Looks like it will launch next week.





Category : Action / Puzzle
Devices : iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad
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In this action puzzle game, you throw, cling and remove various types of cute marbles. Use the art of physics on all of the object in the game. From three to more types of marbles, as levels go up, you will meet various marbles. Don't miss special marbles which come occasionally.


  • Movements by physics : Play the game considering interesting physical effects on the objects.
  • Nine cute animal marbles : This cute pet marbles will entertain your visibility.
  • Four special marbles : The four special marbles with extraordinary functions boost up more fun.
  • Excitingly unexpected funs in various maps : The more you go, the more world you'll meet.
  • Leaderboard system (by OpenFeint & Game Center) : Compete against global friends and foes.
  • Retina display support

Game Screen

Special Marble

Sleeping Marble

When the sleeping marbles don't move for a while, they stick permanently until being removed. The sleeping marbles come time to time.


Bomb Marble

In 5 seconds after being thrown, the bomb marbles get removed together with the clanged marbles aside. The bomb marbles come time to time and you can bring it by gathering and removing 4 same types of marbles.


King Marble

When the king marbles get removed, all same type of marble is gone. It comes very rarely or you can bring it by gathering and removing 5 same types of marbles.


Blinded Marble

If you don't remove the blinded marbles in three other marbles' counts, all marble looks same before 7 other marbles. The blinded marbles come time to time.

About the structure



When marbles collide here, it bounces off by repulsive power. If you're lucky, the marble survives not falling into water. :)


Wall Type 1

This wall does not have repulsive power. It does not bounce off marbles.


Wall Type 2

his normal wall slightly bounces off marbles.



Keeper prevents marbles from falling off. But Keeper cannot stand heavy weights of too many marbles.



Falling into water, it is game over.
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